A Typical Day at Auntie Paty’s during the School Year

We start our day with a welcoming smile and hug, giving your child comfort thatlast for the rest of the day. Once all our friends arrive the fun really starts. We will provide reading material, like Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street, to teach about sharing, manners, numbers, colors and other languages. During the school year some of the older kids will be taken to school while the others will stay with my helper to continue to play. Once it warms up outside we will take a nice walk around the park ending at the playground. While we are walking we love to sing songs or tumble around on the grass. We will have a small snack before going to play. The children will also be able to play with chalk and bubbles at the park. Around lunch time we head back to the house to eat. After washing our hands we will eat a well-balanced meal. For babies we ask you to provide your food of choice until they are about a year old. After lunch we will either go back to the park or play at the yard. When we’re tired, younger kids will take a nap, while some of the older kids will have a quiet reading time or if school age will work on homework with Help from Auntie Paty or, her helper. After nap time kids will play out front while we wait for mom and dad to pick them up while enjoying their second snack of the day.

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