Christine Hollingsworth

My only child is 4 and she has attended Auntie Paty’s Childcare for the past two years. As it is nerve wracking to leave your child, Paty was a heaven sent and we have never had that nervousness. We have been blessed with Auntie Paty in giving our daughter the opportunity to be with her and the children.

My Mother-in-law had taken our daughter to the local park where she observed Paty and the children playing on several occasions. After observing Paty and the children, she was impressed with what she saw and wanted her Granddaughter there. Coming from a family of teachers where respect, good decision making, and problem solving are important qualities to learn-these are all skills taught exclusively and implicitly at Auntie Paty’s.

Paty and her assistant Missy is loving, kind, and incredibly talented with management skills and activities. They help each child grow socially while helping them develop their independence, good decision making skills, respect, and citizenship. I would recommend Auntie Paty’s Childcare to parents of all ages.

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