James and Therese Hyvidt

Paty, I am writing to thank you for the care that you gave to our son Jacob.  When he started with you I was a brand new mom and very concerned about leaving him with anyone.  You immediately put me at ease with your kindness.  During the time he was with you I was amazed at your professionalism and flexibility when it came to managing the young children.  Jacob was always happy and content whenever I picked him up.  He spent three years with you and was never unhappy going to Auntie Paty’s.

As he got older, you helped him with his letters, numbers and colors.  And in Spanish!  I was amazed that he understood Spanish as neither my husband nor I speak it.  But he had no trouble understanding you.  He is looking forward to taking Spanish in school as a result.

Paty, even though you are no longer Jacob’s caregiver, you will always be our friend.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking care of Jacob and loving him as one of your own.

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