Lorina Mathues

Paty Sutton has been a part of our “family” since my 6 year old daughter Vanessa was 3 months old.  Finding a sitter once I returned to work from maternity leave was heart wrenching, overwhelming, and devastating.  Upon meeting Paty for the first time, my nerves were settled by her calming presence, and immediately I felt a sense of relief.  She didn’t object to me checking on Vanessa every day during the first week, knowing that it was only to relieve my stress… Vanessa was in perfectly capable hands.  Fast forward 6 years, Vanessa is now in kindergarten, and is still being cared for by the same perfectly capable hands.  Unlike many of the large daycare centers, when I drop off Vanessa every morning, she finds comfort in going to her second home.  She is welcomed by the cheery faces of her friends, and care providers alike.

In addition to the love and nurturing that she is provided at Paty’s, she is also supplied with mental stimulation, and opportunities to learn.  In addition to Spanish, they also work on colors, shapes,counting, and other activities that promote learning in a fun and creative way.

I know that my daughter is happy when we have been on vacation for a week, and she is eager to get back to daycare because she misses Paty, Missy, and her friends.

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