JoAnn Koobatin

While I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom knew I would soon need daycare. She observed Paty one day at the park with the children she cares for. She noticed that although the children were well-disciplined, they would periodically run to her and hug her while playing at the park, of their own volition. This is how I came to Paty’s Daycare. I’m so happy I did. Although my daughter is older now, it was always reassuring to know as a local teacher, that my daughter was not only close by, but well-cared for. Paty truly cares for each of “her kids,” and they love her for it. As a teacher, I appreciate the consistent routine, good care and family atmosphere Paty provided for my child. I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Paty, and will always continue to do so.

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