Oscar & Kerry Hernandez

We feel so lucky to have found Paty and her assistant.  From the day we met, they have loved my kids as their own.  My two year old son is with Paty and her assistant every day, and has absolutely blossomed in their care.  Not only is he speaking, but he is speaking Spanish as well!  In the summers, the kids go on endless field trips and take swim lessons.  During the school year, the smaller kids spend their days at one of the many near by parks, reading is a part of their daily routing, and have plenty of free play time.  My son practically leaps into Paty’s arms when she opens the door each morning.  The piece of mind I get dropping him off, and knowing, he is going to be loved just as much as if he was home with us is, priceless.  We could not have found a better care provider.

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