Our dear son started at Paty’s Daycare when he was sixteen months old. It was difficult for me to give him away to a ‘stranger’ since you only get a glimpse of the caregiver when you meet her (several times). It was important for me that the ‘new home’ will be safe, and give him the best care and as much love as possible when we are not around. It should be a place where my son loves to be and is respected.

Our son turned six years recently and he always loved going to Paty’s Daycare. It was the best decision to send him to Paty and Missy. Beside the facts that they have home-cooked breakfast/lunch, a wonderful front/backyard for the kids to play, have reading, crafting and dancing time, do endless field trips during summer time; there are more valuable and priceless things: all kids are loved, cherished, happy and safe, they learn to respect each other and they have all incredible manners. It’s amazing how all the different little personalities listen to Paty and Missy. We often picked up our son at different time (the majority w/o further notice) during the day. It didn’t matter what time, we were always greeted warmly and all the kids had a good time.

Everybody knowing our son says that he is so adorable, smart and well-behaved. Paty and Missy contributed a lot in forming his personality.

We moved to the Bay Area and didn’t know anyone and have no family around. Paty went above and beyond her caregiver duties to take care of our son and she always offered her help and support independently from the daycare hours. She took us in into her family which we will always appreciate.

Our newest family member will start at Paty’s Daycare Inc. soon. I am already in peace knowing that he will be in good hands. Paty’s Daycare Inc. is incredible and we don’t know what we would have done without Paty.

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