Auntie Paty has been providing love and care for children of all ages, well establish since 1995 in Pleasanton “Ptown”. Being a devoted mother of two (now 21 and 18) I always wanted my two children to grow up in a big family, with brothers and sisters, so it was a perfect match of working parents and myself to get our children together and have a big happy family, so I can help then and they can help me meeting all our needs. I started the daycare when my son was a month old and I watched the neighbor‘s child next door as well. When another neighbor asked me to watch their children as well, that’s when I applied for my license. Paty’s child care started as a small, home child care for up to eight children. Suddenly, our Childcare family started to grow. Two of the attending mothers became pregnant, and both of the mothers didn’t want to take their children out from under my care. We talked after hours to find a way for all the children to stay here. So Auntie Paty applied and was approved to become a large home child care for up to fourteen children with an assistant/helper. That was in 2004. From the first time that you walk through the front door, you and your child will become a part of our family.

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