Christine Hollingsworth


My only child is 4 and she has attended Auntie Paty’s Childcare for the past two years. As it is nerve wracking to leave your child, Paty was a heaven sent and we have never had that nervousness. We have been blessed with Auntie Paty in giving our daughter the opportunity to be with her and the children.

My Mother-in-law had taken our daughter to the local park where she observed Paty and the children playing on several occasions. After observing Paty and the children, she was impressed with what she saw and wanted her Granddaughter there. Coming from a family of teachers where respect, good decision making, and problem solving are important qualities to learn-these are all skills taught exclusively and implicitly at Auntie Paty’s.

Paty and her assistant Missy is loving, kind, and incredibly talented with management skills and activities. They help each child grow socially while helping them develop their independence, good decision making skills, respect, and citizenship. I would recommend Auntie Paty’s Childcare to parents of all ages.

Erinn Jordan


My son Ryan has been going to Auntie Paty’s Daycare for the last 4 ½ years. It was easy to see when I dropped him off for the first time at 3 months old that this was more than just day care. Auntie Paty really cares about these kids – and they love her too!  Ryan learns about responsibility with opportunities like ‘make your lunch day’ and when it is his turn to be the ‘helper’. He loves to be the helper and wearing costumes on silly Fridays! He has learned shapes, numbers, and colors in English and Spanish and always comes home with a story from the daily park adventure.

Paty is a great partner in raising my child which is important to me since she sees more of him than I do during the week. For me, Paty is family. I know that when I drop Ryan off each day that he will be taken care of well and I have peace of mind knowing he is in great hands. I would recommend Auntie Paty’s Daycare to all of my friends and family.

Marissa Ramssey


Auntie Paty is a truly gifted caregiver to children.  Auntie Paty has been instrumental in helping to grow and raise our children since they were infants.  I have known Auntie Paty for almost 10 years now, as she started to care for our son at 4 months of age, he is now 9 and our daughter, started at 3 months and she is now 5.  Paty interacts with the children, keeps them on a schedule and teaches them importance social skills.  Paty has earned the name Antie Paty because of her love and care for our children, we are happy to have found care for them that truly feels like extended family.

Lorina Mathues


Paty Sutton has been a part of our “family” since my 6 year old daughter Vanessa was 3 months old.  Finding a sitter once I returned to work from maternity leave was heart wrenching, overwhelming, and devastating.  Upon meeting Paty for the first time, my nerves were settled by her calming presence, and immediately I felt a sense of relief.  She didn’t object to me checking on Vanessa every day during the first week, knowing that it was only to relieve my stress… Vanessa was in perfectly capable hands.  Fast forward 6 years, Vanessa is now in kindergarten, and is still being cared for by the same perfectly capable hands.  Unlike many of the large daycare centers, when I drop off Vanessa every morning, she finds comfort in going to her second home.  She is welcomed by the cheery faces of her friends, and care providers alike.

In addition to the love and nurturing that she is provided at Paty’s, she is also supplied with mental stimulation, and opportunities to learn.  In addition to Spanish, they also work on colors, shapes,counting, and other activities that promote learning in a fun and creative way.

I know that my daughter is happy when we have been on vacation for a week, and she is eager to get back to daycare because she misses Paty, Missy, and her friends.

Debbie Natsch


I have spent nearly 8 years with Auntie Paty’s Daycare, and have two happy and well-adjusted kids to show for it!  My daughter started with Auntie Paty at 4 months, and even though we moved from Pleasanton to Livermore before her first birthday, stayed until she started Kindergarten.

Her younger brother joined her at Paty’s when he was just 6 weeks old, and will finally be saying goodbye in June when he starts his school program.

Paty’s daycare has always been professional and structured, yet friendly and fun.  It always amazed me how well behaved all the children are at Paty’s, and how happy they appear.  My kids always loved going there every day, and it gave me much relief to know they would be some place where they were happy and safe, with good friends to play with.

My kids love Paty like family, and we will miss her dearly when we are no longer seeing her on a regular basis. I gladly recommend anyone looking for dependable daycare to Aunty Paty.

Amanda Qutntor


I have a one year old baby boy who has been going to Paty for a few months now. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Paty and the children who go to her at home daycare. She is nurturing, kind and very organized. When I drop my son off in the morning, she greets us with a smile and my son gets excited to see her. That really helped me in the beginning to feel comfortable about leaving him with a sitter. Something I really like about taking my little guy there is that when I pick him up Paty always invites me in to her home. No matter what time I pick him up, her place is always clean and the children always look like they are enjoying themselves. My son loves being outdoors, she takes the kids to the park and on walks. She really makes it fun for them. Paty is a caring and trustworthy person. I can’t say enough nice things about her.

JoAnn Koobatin


While I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom knew I would soon need daycare. She observed Paty one day at the park with the children she cares for. She noticed that although the children were well-disciplined, they would periodically run to her and hug her while playing at the park, of their own volition. This is how I came to Paty’s Daycare. I’m so happy I did. Although my daughter is older now, it was always reassuring to know as a local teacher, that my daughter was not only close by, but well-cared for. Paty truly cares for each of “her kids,” and they love her for it. As a teacher, I appreciate the consistent routine, good care and family atmosphere Paty provided for my child. I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Paty, and will always continue to do so.

James and Therese Hyvidt


Paty, I am writing to thank you for the care that you gave to our son Jacob.  When he started with you I was a brand new mom and very concerned about leaving him with anyone.  You immediately put me at ease with your kindness.  During the time he was with you I was amazed at your professionalism and flexibility when it came to managing the young children.  Jacob was always happy and content whenever I picked him up.  He spent three years with you and was never unhappy going to Auntie Paty’s.

As he got older, you helped him with his letters, numbers and colors.  And in Spanish!  I was amazed that he understood Spanish as neither my husband nor I speak it.  But he had no trouble understanding you.  He is looking forward to taking Spanish in school as a result.

Paty, even though you are no longer Jacob’s caregiver, you will always be our friend.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking care of Jacob and loving him as one of your own.

Deborah Tan


I cannot say enough good things about Auntie Paty’s Daycare. Our daughter has been with Paty since she was 3. We started with Paty just for transportation to/from preschool. We were so happy to have found a place that would provide that service for us. As our needs changed we worked with Paty and now we utilize more of her daycare services. Working with Paty has been so easy, she’s flexible with our childcare needs, and her rates are competitive. Plus, our daughter loves going to Auntie Paty’s. With her background in early childhood education, we know our daughter is in good hands when we can’t be with her.

The Dela Cruz family


We were blessed to have Auntie Paty as our childcare provider for over 5 years. She left a very lasting impression on our daughter, Victoria. She still remembers everything Paty has taught her. Paty is very loving & we were lucky to have both our children under her care. Even with our children in elementary school & with their grandmother, we still keep in contact with Paty. She will always be a part of our family.

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